Batteries ideal for long runs and tough jobs
The Superhog battery is the ideal choice for the longest runs and highest lifts in the most demanding industrial and warehousing applications. Superhog batteries go the distance, with no worry of over-discharging, frequent battery changes or production stops. The Superhog battery is designed to beef up production while taking a bite out of costs. Superhog batteries deliver voltage levels that are higher throughout discharge than conventional batteries. Higher voltages result in faster drive and lift speeds. Plus, the Superhog battery has the highest amp-hour capacity ratings so your lift trucks will run long into the shift day, maximizing your productivity. In order to maintain a lift truck's constant drive and lift performance throughout a shift, the motor must offset a battery's normal voltage drop during discharge by drawing more and more amps. The Superhog battery's ability to sustain higher voltages, combined with industry leading amp-hour capacity ratings, will extend a lift truck's run time when compared to any other lead-acid battery design. Why limit the performance of your lift truck with an inferior battery?

The Loadhog battery line excels in high reach or rider type lift trucks. Loadhog batteries provide extra capacity while using a balanced mix of electrolyte and active material. Available in 15", 19", 23" and 31" heights, Loadhog batteries can power low profile through quad mast high reach trucks for a full 8 hour shift or when overtime is required. First in High Capacity The Loadhog battery is a proven high-performance battery delivering brute strength and real staying power. Loadhog batteries were the first to pack 100 amp-hours of capacity into a standard 85-AH compartment. That's 18% more capacity than similarly sized conventional batteries - more than enough to keep running strong through the toughest shifts.

There is a Workhog battery for virtually every motive power application. Rated at 75-, 85- and 125-AH, Workhog batteries are available in sizes to fit vehicles from small pallet trucks up to the largest lift truck. The Workhog battery 75, 85 and 125 amp hour ratings are the only "standard" characteristics of these batteries. Workhog batteries deliver premium performance thanks to our exclusive square tubular, positive plate design. They offer unconventional value by running up to 20% longer than conventional, "standard" flat plate batteries. Workhog batteries have proven themselves to be reliable, rugged performers in thousands of applications.

The Deserthog is the newest addition to the EnerSys Ironclad family of batteries. It's the most "maintenance free" flooded battery in the industry! The Deserthog features a unique cell design that holds up to 4 more inches of water than standard batteries of the same cell size. That extends watering intervals from once every week to about once every few months depending on the size of the battery. The result is a more efficient operation and lower maintenance costs.

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