Powerbloc batteries for electric vehicles and aerial lift platforms

Enersys Powerbloc offers a wide range of batteries for small traction applications from industrial electric vehicles to aerial work platforms. The batteries are designed with sleeved separators which not only prevents misalignment problems but also drastically increases the life span of the battery. Tubular positive plates deliver maximum power for any application. Batteries have a built on lifting handle for increased safety and ease of transportation during installation and while servicing the equipment.

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Powerbloc battery with long running time and more cycle life

Powerbloc TP benefits include:
  • 57% more cycle life than the average battery
  • Maximum machine performance with longer running times
  • Tubular positive plates to increase lifespan of battery

POWERBLOC FTP Powerbloc Flat Plate Batteries
Powerbloc FTP products are quality constructed flat plate batteries which are a perfect replacement for those in existing equipment. Tough deep cycle semi-traction applications run great with these batteries! Built with advanced flat grid plates and paste formulation, Powerbloc FTP batteries will last long!

Powerbloc FTP Advantages
  • Designed to give true 700 cycle performance
  • Longer running times with lower maintenance
  • Increases performance to give more productive run times

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