All EnerSys chargers feature a modular design to maintain uptime – should one module develop a fault, the chargers will keep charging at reduced power. These chargers have some of the lowest component counts in the industry, making them the most reliable you can find.

Charger Brands


"Value packed charger for standard and opportunity charging"

Offering a better value in high-frequency charging, IMPAQ chargers feature a flooded lead acid battery charge profile. They also include the proprietary NexSys bloc and standard charge profiles.


"Premium charger with wireless communication for easy mixed-fleet battery management"

NexSys+ chargers include the NexSys charge profile, plus the EnerSys IONIC charge profile to service multiple battery types and sizes. All NexSys+ chargers work with the Wi-iQ® battery monitoring device, which provides battery type, voltage and capacity data to the charger.


"Geared for fast-charge applications, with wireless communication built in"

Designed exclusively for Express batteries, Express chargers quickly and safely fast-charge batteries anytime during the workday. They also adapt to a wide range of battery capacities, potentially reducing the number of chargers you’d need.

Charger Repair Service

Battery chargers need maintenance too. RM Battery technicians can service your chargers on-site or in our locations.

• Change voltage
• Test and Evaluate
• Replace Worn and Defective Parts
• Calibration

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